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Guilford Center Village Natural Playscape


70 Carpenter Hill Rd. Guilford, VT 05301

The Recreation Commission adopted a committee to organize and oversee the new Playscape.  This committee, chaired by Wendy Stone, worked with CC4G, and other community members, to ensure that the Playscape property met the Insurance regulations that were identified by the town insurance agent, Pacif.  These projects included the creation of a parking area that was separate from the play area, filling in holes in the touraine, establishing a schedule for weekly inspection of the property, and also creating a list of rules for use of the Playscape.  The rules, and other relevant information, will be posted on a custom sign which will be built and donated by Michele and Robin Frehsee.   CC4G purchased several picnic tables and the boulders needed for the parking separation at the Playscape

The Playscape was frequently used this spring, summer and fall by community members as well as Guilford organizations.  The Guilford Free Library used the park for their Library camps, and it is regularly used by the Homeschooling group.  The Playscape was also used for several events hosted by CC4G.  The Playscape will be used this winter for Cross Country Skiing.  The Playscape usage would not have been possible had it not been for the generous donation by VT Roadworks, who provided mowing and maintenance of the Playscape during the Spring, Summer and Fall.  We are sincerely grateful to the VT Roadworks for their support of recreation in Guilford!