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Places to Visit

Swimming and Nature

Green River: There is a beautiful dam where you can go fish, swim, or bask in the sun.

Weatherhead Hollow Pond: Though you’re not allowed to swim here, you can fish, and the view is fabulous. You may also bring in your hand-powered boats.

Snowmobile Trails: You can hike n’ bike.

Sweet Pond: This beautiful pond is located on Sweet Pond Road.

Historical Sights

Historical Society: You can set your eyes upon old tools, pictures of Guilford through 1700~present day, and other historical items.

Schoolhouses: These 14 historical schools including the brick schoolhouse on Carpenter Hill Road, the Hinesburg schoolhouse, and many, many, more. Visit the Guilford Historical Society for more information.

Blacksmith Shop: A blue building on Hinesburg Road. It was used in the past, but now it’s shut down.

Sawmill: This is located by Green River Road, and there is a ditch that was dug for water to flow through in order to power the sawmill.

Indian Rock: This mysterious rock is hiding in the woods on a hill. The interesting engravings that are carved in it are thought to be made by past Native Americans that lived in this area. (on private property)

Christ Church: It is an old white church on Coolidge Highway.

Cemeteries: There are 14 cemeteries spread out around the town of Guilford, such as Guilford Center Cemetery, Carpenter Hill Cemetery, and Blanchard Cemetery.

Franklin Farm: This fun, family-run farm is located at the end of Weatherhead Hollow Road. They only do organic farming, and you just can’t resist the small little store selling homemade goodies.

Covered Bridge and fish ladder: The covered bridge is often represented as the symbol for Guilford. This red bridge connects Green River Road and Stage Road, and is a historical place. You will be fined if you go faster than a walk on a carriage. Though this fish ladder is nothing old, it is still loved much by the fish-loving citizens of Guilford.

Meeting House: This historical meetinghouse can be found on Guilford Center Road, and it looks sort of like a Church. It is owned by the Historical Society.


Guilford Fair: Everybody in the family can enjoy the rides, food, and exhibits. The fair is held at the Guilford Fairgrounds once a year on Labor Day weekend. The fairgrounds are located on Weatherhead Hollow Road.

Town Meeting: This event is usually held at the school. Town citizens are permitted to vote on important matters, and of course, some people come for the delicious homemade food.

4th of July Parade: This fun parade that all town children look forward to starts at Guilford Central School, and is ended past the Guilford Free Library. There is plenty of yummy candy, and after the parade is through there are refreshments, games, and music. Guilford people like their food a lot!