About Discover Guilford

Discover Guilford is owned and operated by Eric Jones.  Eric was born and raised in central Maine, where he learned many diverse, practical hands-on skills- which earned him the reputation as the guy who ‘can fix anything. ‘  As a young adult, he worked in computer technologies-  constructing PC computers, server racks, and card cages during the internet’s infancy.  

Eric studied recording engineering at the University of Maine at Augusta and went on to work in sound production.  Eric worked with bands and musicians by performing their studio recordings.  Eric also worked as a DJ for events, festivals, clubs, and on the radio.  Eric studied Electronics at SMTC in Portland, Maine, and computer hardware design and maintenance at LCC in Eugene, Oregon.  

Eric has a keen interest in the arts.  As a child, Eric would do pencil drawings of birds, cars, and anything from books and magazines. Throughout his life, he developed his pencil, charcoal, pen and ink, watercolors, acrylic paint, ceramics, and woodworking skills.  Currently, Eric likes to make functional art.  He has worked in many crafts, including woodworking, furniture design and building, upholstery, stained glass, cold working blown glass, screen printing, and multi-media sculpture. Visit his profile on LinkedIn at linkedin.com/in/jones-e-designs.  

While in Eugene, Oregon, Eric met the love of his life, Wendy.  In 2005, they relocated to Guilford, Vermont.  They moved to Guilford to raise their family in a healthy, safe environment with strong local community values.  From 2005-2019 at least one of their three children attended Guilford Central School. The Guilford Central School provided their children with a strong sense of themselves and a strong sense of place. 

Eric enjoyed his role as a stay-home father for many years.  He took pride in supporting the interests of each of the children by getting them involved with local organizations and by furthering their development in the home.  

Since 2010, Eric has been providing technology consulting services.  These services include website design, product photography, newsletter creation, social media design, CRM (and other data systems management), and LMS systems.  Find out more about Jones.E.Designs at jonesedesigns.com.  

Eric and Wendy strive to promote community building.  In 2010 they founded Guilford GROWS. In 2015 they established the Guilford Recreation Commission to further their work in providing community events and recreation activities for the Town of Guilford.  

Eric created Discover Guilford in 2019.  Discover Guilford is a digital community resource for Guilford, VT.  The mission of Discover Guilford is to promote connections between Guilford residents through event marketing and social communications and to enhance the local economy by promoting its business directory.