About Discover Guilford

Hello, my name is Eric, and this is my family!  We live right here in Guilford, and we truly love to support community building and are committed to creating opportunities for our friends and neighbors.  “It takes a village to raise a child” is a proverb that inspires us to collaborate with our community to build opportunities for us all.

Discover Guilford began as a community volunteer organization called “GuilfordGROWS”.  We formed Guilford GROWS in 2010 to create a more cohesive community through social activities, and by creating a communication network to help community members feel connected to their town.  We are proud of the fact that our mobile friendly website was the first to build an online community in Guilford Vermont. We also founded and continue to serve on the Guilford Recreation Commission.  Find out more about GuilfordGROWS at www.guilfordgrows.wixsite.com/grows.

Discover Guilford is the new website made just for Guilford residents to stay in the loop about important news, current events, interesting stories, and more about people in our community.

What can you do with Discover Guilford?

Guilford citizens now have a locally made solution for communicating with each other online. We offer several straight forward options.

You can add to our community calendar anytime. There is no limit and it is free. You can also edit your event at any point which is very handy for changes in time and date and so forth.
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We want to hear your stories about Guilford. Current news, historical tales, press releases and announcements can all be added to our blog. Our blog posts go home in our newsletter each week, and are shared on social media. Find out more about this service.
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Guilford has many great businesses tucked away in the hills and valleys and now you can have your business listed on our website for FREE. Residents can find you easier when they look for ways to support the local economy. Hiring local keeps money in our town!
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Purchase an Ad
Purchasing an Ad for your business that will be placed on our website, social media, and newsletter.  Reach new customers by boosting an event through Discover Guilford.
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