Embue Cacao


206 Meadow Sky Dr Guilford, Vermont

About Embue Cacao

We provide the highest quality, pure cacao for health & ceremonial uses. We source to find the most potent cacao so that it has all the goodies that make it a renowned superfood and superb assistant in opening the heart. Our cacao comes from Guatemala, whose climate and soils grow some of the best cacao, what some call criollo, the wild/native variety of cacao. It just so happens that this type of cacao also tastes great and has a complex flavor profile. We’ve all heard that dark chocolate is good for our health but not everyone knows that the benefits come from the pure cacao that is sourced & processed properly. Our cacao is processed the way it has been for thousands of years; fully fermented, sun-dried, toasted, and ground. So skip the additives and get your premium cacao straight up. Our name, Heartblood, is inspired by the Aztec word for cacao, Yollotl Eztli, which translates as heart’s blood. They understood long ago the potent properties and healing powers of this plant. Brew up a drink as a morning energizer, make delicious treats, or open your heart with the full ceremonial dose.