Gaines Farm and Kennel


6343 Calvin Coolidge Memorial Hwy, Guilford, Vermont

About Gaines Farm and Kennel

Gaines Farm has been a diversified family farm in Guilford since 1782.  Wood-fire boiled to perfection in the Gaines Farm Sugar House, Gaines Farm maple syrup is the perfect fix for your sweet tooth.  In addition to syrup, Gaines Farm provides bales of hay and farm-raised beef.  Gaines Farm has a climate-controlled dog kennel with creature comforts any dog could love.  Each autumn The Gaines Farm cranks out a-Maize-ing family fun with the annual Corn Maize. Join us for games, good food, good folks, and 7 acres of ten-foot corn stalk, Maize madness. It’s an agricultural feat that will mystify, and entertain. Will you ever find the end?